Customised solutions for private label

Holistic concept, production und logistic from one source

Individual coffee varieties with special conception, e.g.:

Sorted, specifically composed, specific origins (e.g. country specific coffees), organic, Fairtrade, UTZ, Rainforest certified and much more

Solutions for single products or for assortments

Transfer of existing brands and corporate design guidelines for your product performance

Enhancement / modernising of existing designs as well as adaption to new packaging formats

Creation of a new brand and design of product performance

Production and packaging with state-of-the-art technology, e.g.:

- Filter coffee soft packaging (50 g - 1000 g)
- Filter coffee block packaging (250 g, 2 x 250 g, 500 g)
- Pads (16, 18, 32)
- Filter coffee pouches (60 g - 70 g)
- Whole bean stand-up bag with aroma-valve (500 g, 1000 g)
- Cans (250 g, 500 g)
- Small wooden barrels (250 g)

Time-optimised delivery per truck/train/vessel and coordination through an external logistic center